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Tissue Salts

Tissue salts are derived from minerals which are natural constituents of geological formations and
vitally important to the proper functioning of the body’s cellular system.
Earth’s plant-life extracts minerals from the soil and assimilates it into
their structure. In this process minerals are separated into minute
particles referred to as micro molecular, which can be absorbed and
assimilated by the body’s cellular structure.

If you can not find these locally, I do ship there world wide.
Tissue salts are prepared according to homeopathic principles. A
particular mineral, extracted from the soil and cleansed for human use is
then blended with a powder-based tablet. This blending causes the
mineral to split into minute particles called a biochemical tissue salt. It is
also referred to as a cell salt, as these minute mineral particles are small
enough to permeate the tiny openings of a cell membrane.

Certain Properties and Characteristics of Tissue Salts
  • Tissue salts are not drugs
  • Tissue salts are non-habit forming
  • Tissue salts have no side effects
  • Tissue salts can be used by a person of any age and animals. They are also safe for pregnant  women and children.
  • Tissue salts correct the causes of an abnormal condition allowing the body to heal and restore within.
  • Tissue salts can be combined with conventional and alternative medicines and remedies.
  • Tissue salts can be taken anytime and do not depend on food intake.
  • Tablets should be kept in a waterproof container as the powder base locks the cell salts in.
  • Tissue salt tablets are placed dry underneath the tongue and allowed to dissolve.
  • Tissue salts have an immediate effect.
  • Tissue salts correct body functions on a cellular level, i.e. on the most basic level of existence.
Facial Signs

Cubical fold - vertical or slightly oblique lines, which appear
stronger when the eyes are squeezed, shut. The lines are visible at
the inner angle of the eye.
Cubical fold in reddish brownish color - expressing a greater
deficiency than described above.
- Take amount of lines into consideration, the more visible, the
stronger the deficiency.
- Skin tends to flake off in small particles.

No High Dosage Of Calcium Fluoride Should Be Taken.

Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Broken skin, cracked heels. Callouses and hard skin on hands, feet and elbows.
- Flabby skin, stretch-marks, skin elasticity problems.
- Cavities in teeth, cold-sensitive teeth.
- Hardened glands, piles.
- Varicose veins.
- Spastic colon. Elastic fibers are not only confined to the skin. In fact, the highest
amounts of elastic fibers are contained in bone coating (periost), joint
capsules, ligaments, tooth coating, as well as alimentary canal (bowels
for peristalsis) and of course, in all other tissue.

The body has both the ability and tendency to draw off cell salts from any
area within, if an important structure is in need. This can lead to
deficiencies throughout the body.

A deficiency of Calcium fluoride can be observed in the following areas:
- Damage to tooth coating
- Flabby skin without elasticity
- Hard skin and callouses

Problems in the alimentary canal - In the intestinal tract sufficient
amounts of Calcium fluoride are necessary to maintain elastic fibers to
ensure a good peristalsis. Very often the deficiency is then expressed in a
spastic colon, which means there is a limited contraction of the large bowl
and the processed food remains in the intestines longer than usual.

The bowel, however, continues re-absorption, not being able to
differentiate between freshly ingested food and already fully "processed
foodstuff" which has little or no value. Thus, what should have been
eliminated a long time ago, is re-absorbed. This has a far-reaching effect
and is the reason why the medical profession underlines the importance
of regular bowel movement.

Waste substances can be re-absorbed for years until the entire system
becomes congested. The waste substances, which cannot be excreted,
accumulate in the body, thereby slowing down the functional process
within. This leads to constipation and bowel problems.

Other organs can also be affected by a calcium deficiency such as
stiffening of the arteries causing high blood pressure or a bulging of the
veins, which results in varicose veins.

Restores And Maintains Tissue Elasticity, Helps To Build Tooth
Enamel And Bone Coating (Periosteum)
Facial Signs
- Pale transparent waxy-like skin appearance of the ears.
- The entire face appears similarly waxy.
- Soft white teeth.

Signs of Deficiency in the Body

- Fear and worry.
- Shy and withdrawn (especially children), introvert.
- Pins and needles, numbness.
- Palpitations.
- Tickling cough with no discharge of mucous, normally experienced after 2 am in the morning.
- Weeping and upset feeling.
- Easily frightened when surprised by another person, followed by a palpitating heart.
- Blood disorders.
- Delayed bone healing after fractures, osteoporosis.
Calcium phosphate is found in the bones and inside the teeth. When
teeth "crumble" it is due to a shortage of this cell salt.

Calcium phosphate helps to build cells, as it helps to split protein into
amino acids, which are the building stones of all cell formation.

In adults, it has been observed that women generally suffer from a
greater deficiency of Calcium phosphate than men. This reason can be
traced to the incredible ability of our bodies to withdraw cell salts from
one particular area when they are needed somewhere else. When a
woman is pregnant, Calcium phosphate is a major requirement of the
developing embryo. This need must either be met by a sufficient diet
(which all too often is not the case) or the mother's own resources. This
results in the teeth problems many pregnant women find themselves

Some small children show a tendency to scream and kick at night, often
so much they fall out of bed. Research has shown that this nightly
disturbance can easily be corrected by giving the child some Calcium
phosphate. The child is experiencing pins and needles in the legs, but
does not know how to express it. Parents will find that after one initial
intake, the night-rest of the entire family is re-established.

During the female monthly cycle the body experiences a natural loss of
blood cells that have to be made up again within the next 28 days. After
a heavy menstruation, the woman very often feels washed out and her
face appears pale.

Husbands tend to find these symptoms, coupled with his wife's inclination
to worry excessively during these phases, incomprehensible.

This is due to a Calcium phosphate deficiency and unless the cell salt is
added, no relief from this particular problem can be achieved.

A sudden drastic depletion of blood cells can cause another problem in
that insufficient amounts of oxygen are transported throughout the body.
In order to regain its balance as fast as possible, the body draws vast
amounts of cell salts to the bones for blood cell formation.

In all diseases where the blood cell formation is disturbed, Calcium
phosphate is an irrefutable requirement.

Calcium Phosphate Is A Cell Restorer
Facial Signs
- Adult acne, sever cases of acne in adolescence.
- Boils, carbuncles, abscesses and ulcers.

Signs of Deficiency in the Body

- Boils, carbuncles, ulcers, abscesses.
- Prolonged process of suppuration (formation or discharge of pus).

A lack of Calcium Sulphate delays the throwing off of decaying organic
matter, resulting in such unpleasant manifestations as boils, abscesses
and carbuncles.

In prolonged suppuration, the Calcium Sulphate will speed up or prevent
this process.

The same "cleaning out" process can be achieved if a person suffers from
catarrh or lung troubles. Calcium Sulphate helps clean out the hetero
plasm, which has accumulated in the interstices of tissue.

Facial Signs
- Dark rings under eyes.
- Entire outer ear red.
- Red forehead or entire face flushed red.
Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Flu, colds.
- Shortness of breath, especially after strenuous exercise.
- Any bacterial and viral infection.
- Tiredness due to lack of oxygen.
- Temperatures up to 38.5 DegC.
- Bleeding.
- Vascular pains, like headaches behind the eyes - due to oxygen deprivation.
- Menstruation - blood clots, delayed periods, dark blood-flow.
- Weak immune-system and low resistance.

The applications of Ferrum phosphate are many, for every function taking
place in the body requires oxygen.

The easiest way to detect a shortage of oxygen within is to observe the
dark rings underneath the eyes.

Dark rings underneath the eyes should never be ignored for the body is
trying to convey the message that there is oxygen deprivation. This can
be due to burdening the body with excess stress levels in physical
circumstances, for example, when running or undertaking strenuous
exercise. The symptom can also mean that the brain has been over-strained
with concentration.

A further reason for the dark rings could be that a bacterium or a virus
has intruded the body, thereby activating the defense mechanism.
Insufficient transport of oxygen within the body can be due to various

Most frequently it is due to:
- Limited amount of blood cells.
- Insufficient oxygen saturation.

Or when the symptoms are more extreme, due, to bacterium, virus,
injury or overstrain on the physical system, which oversteps the normal

Once the body reaches this state, even further damage can be done to
the system if it is left unattended.

Ferrum phosphate is often called the anti-inflammatory. When taken
timorously, this particular cell salt can counteract sore throats, flu and
colds, stop bleeding and prevent an injured area from turning septic. If
there are sufficient amounts of this cell salt, the body can defend itself
even in severe cases.

A temperature development up to 38.5 DegC indicates that the body is
defending itself. Due to the shortage of oxygen the body starts circulating
blood at a faster rate with the result that the friction in the vascular
system increases.
This friction, combined with enzymatic reaction, causes the build-up of
heat, a state that can easily be brought back to normal with the
application of Ferrum phosphate.

Headaches, which are often concentrated behind the eyes, are caused
invariably by a shortage of oxygen in the vascular area. This is easily
corrected by taking Ferrum phosphate.

Women suffering from black clotting in their menstrual flow or very dark red
or black blood flow generally require Ferrum phosphate.

Should the first sign be overlooked, the blood red ears are easily
identified, but this symptom indicates that the body is already strongly
deprived. If a person suffering from this oxygen deprivation is then sent
to run a hundred meters, they would find themselves gasping for air and
their face would flush red.

Ferrum phosphate has enormous advantages for sports people. The
output capacity will definitely increase if the tissue salt is given before
any form of sport. At staggered intervals, further intake of the tissue salt
increases the physical ability and endurance levels even more. This is
particularly important in sports such as road running, when it becomes
necessary to prevent pains in the muscles or a total collapse of the
system at the end of the race.
Oxygen Carrier, Anti-Inflammatory, First-Aid Supplement
Facial Signs
- Blueish whitish area under the eyes, in a half moon circle.
- Entire face white, as if the person feels very nauseated.

Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Nausea (including morning-sickness in pregnancy), biliousness.
- Warts, skin attachments.
- Congested lungs with whitish starch-like sputum.
- Any discharge coming from the body being whitish in color.
- Allergies
- Snoring (abnormal mucous growth in nasal cavities).
- Sinusitis hayfever.
Blood Conditioner, Cleanser And Detoxifying Agent
Kalium Muriaticum counteracts toxins within the body. The body normally
expresses a too-sudden rise in the level of toxins with symptoms of
nausea. By vomiting, a vast amount of toxins are excreted, with the
result that a person normally feels better after regurgitation. There is no
need to allow it to reach this point. After a quick intake of Kalium
Muriaticum (Mur) the feeling of nausea vanishes.

The nauseous feeling can be due to various origins. When experienced
during pregnancy it is totally safe to take cell salts.
Kalium Mur will relieve the symptom, whatever the origin: food
poisoning, an inhalation of toxic fumes, even motorcar fumes, or
pregnancy. (Tissue salts can safely be taken by the pregnant woman).
Some individuals have a tendency to store toxins in the skin. Warts and
skin attachments are normally an indication that the skin is trying to give
off toxins, whilst post-nasal drip, sinusitis and polyps are merely other
ways of expressing high toxin levels.

Allergies, including hayfever, can be removed if sufficient amounts of
Kalium Mur are given, but sometimes require a combination of various
cell salts, especially in the acute stage. Allergies and hayfever are
triggered off by an outside factor. Figuratively a person with these
tendencies can be compared to the analogy of being "full cup" of toxins.
When an additional amount is added, the cup overflows.

In the case of lung congestion, the intake of Kalium Mur results in
increased sputum rejection the following morning. Normally this subsides
within an hour and should be seen as a cleaning process.
Facial Signs
- Grayish area around the mouth (in children bluish).
- Entire face gray.
- Deep sunken temples.
Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Memory loss.
- Lack of concentration.
- Hyperactivity in children.
- Insomnia.
- Inability to comprehend (especially in students).
- High temperatures.
- Halitosis (foul breath).
- Mental and physical exhaustion.
- Functional brain disorders (e.g. senility).
For Mental And Physical Exhaustion, Nerve And Brain Cell
Nutrient, Strong Antiseptic

Kalium phosphate is highly recommended for the nineties and turn of the
century lifestyle. Anyone who is subjected to continuous stress and needs
to be mentally alert, would benefit from Kalium phosphate

Kalium phosphate and Natrium Muriaticum are required to produce
Lecithin in the brain for transferring impulses between brain cells.
A Kalium phosphate deficiency is often apparent in pregnant mothers,
this can be attributed to high stress levels and insufficient relaxation
during the pregnancy. Depending on the severity of the mother's
deficiency, this can have devastating results on the child to be born. In
such a case, the baby is born with a shortage of this cell salt and this
deficiency will make itself visible in early childhood through the
characteristics of hyperactivity.

This  means that concentration cannot be held for any length of time,   whatever the activity, be it simply playing with toys or reading a   storybook. The behavior pattern of a Kalium phosphate deficiency is   reinforced by the intake of highly refined food and artificial   cool-drinks containing tartrazine.

When a child shows signs of not being able to concentrate for any
amount of time or expresses restlessness, the mother too often starts
suffering from exhaustion herself and needs to have Kalium phosphate

Once children embark upon their schooling years the demands increase.
Very often a child's inability to cope at school is misunderstood and
classified as "stupidity" with far-reaching damaging effects. Any child's
level of understanding can be raised sufficiently if Kalium phosphate is
given on a regular basis, for no mind expansion can take place, neither in
a child, a student, nor an adult if this particular salt is absent.

Any student who takes this cell salt will experience an improved ability to
comprehend the school material. The memory improves and the
concentration span expands, resulting in the achievement of higher
marks. The dream of any student!
Adults with a deficiency often notice a mental block or blank, particularly
in the afternoon. This is accompanied by a feeling attributed to "overload"
or "run-down". The mind and the body simply cannot cope with
anything more. In this case the adult is simply expressing their cell salt
deficiency. In the evening, especially at bedtime, the mind seems to be
uncontrollably active and often insomnia is experienced.

Silica (tissue salt #12, discussed in more detail in a later section) acts
like a filter embedding the fine nerve endings, which collect all stimuli
and relay them to the brain. Silica effectively filters out unwanted stimuli,
enabling you to concentrate on one particular stimulus, such as speaking
or listening to one person without being distracted by any background

It is so easy to be distracted by another noise, such as a telephone
ringing, cars going past or other people talking. A recognition of
background noise indicates that the brain is receiving that stimulus and is
attending to it. This requires a certain amount of neuro transmitter
substance being freed.

Insufficient filtering makes itself visible through wrinkles in the face,
especially under the eyes. More impulses are allowed to reach the brain,
meaning that instead of having ten impulses to cope within a certain
amount of time, fifty impulses reach the brain in the same time span. The
brain has to evaluate the impulses and do something with the
information, either by processing it further or rejecting it.

If this happens throughout the day, not only do the nerve pathways
become overloaded, but the brain also becomes initially overstimulated.
For every impulse, Kalium phosphate and Natrium muriaticum are
needed. Should the level of these cell salts fall too low, a "shut down" or
mental "blank" is experienced. This is particularly true of people under
Of all the cell salts Kalium phosphate is the strongest "antiseptic". Any
unpleasant smell emitted from any area of the body (e.g. halitosis) is
corrected with Kalium phosphate. It prevents and stops tissue destruction
and protects the brain from "overheating" when high temperatures are
experienced, regardless of the cause.

In the case of a very high temperature, administer six tablets of Kalium
phosphate then repeat twice at five-minute intervals (15 minutes in total
duration). Take the temperature again and you will notice that it has
dropped to 38.5C. It will not drop lower with Kalium phosphate. Now do
the same procedure with Ferrum phosphate and in another 15 minutes
the body temperature will have returned to normal.

In rare emergency cases (for instance when the person is in an extreme
septic condition), a continuation of half hourly applications of Kalium
phosphate are necessary to recover normal body temperatures. Under
septic conditions, repeat the same amounts during the following two days
to prevent a recurrence. Often the body indicates a need for more of this
remedy in order to achieve total correction of the condition.

Children can be given six tablets on a regular basis in the evening to
develop their mental capacity. Adults with insomnia can increase the
dosage up to 12 tablets, and if necessary, even repeat during the night.
Even large doses of Kalium phosphate will not give a hangover feeling.
For mental alertness take Kalium phosphate and Natrium muriaticum in
relationship of 1:4, either in the morning or in the afternoon when
exhausted. Within 5 to 10 minutes a freshness will be experienced.
Facial Signs
- Brown spots and freckles (often called age or liver spots).
- Bronzy yellow face color.
Kidney Conditioner, Oxygen Carrier
Kalium sulphate is the "back up system" for Kalium muriaticum and
Ferrum phosphate. If the body is deficient in the latter two cell salts,
Kalium sulphate reservoirs are used.

The chloasma experienced in pregnancy is one of the typical examples.
The requirements for oxygen and detoxification are much higher than
under normal circumstances. If these cell salts are not sufficiently
supplied by the food intake or additional supplementation, Kalium
sulphate has to be used.

At the same time, this is the cell salt, which conditions the kidneys.
In a pregnancy this is particularly important as the kidneys are working
"overtime" having to cope with a larger amount of fluid to be filtered. As
soon as Kalium sulphate is replaced in small quantities, depending on the
severity, the characteristic brown marks will disappear.

If a body experiences an abnormal or diseased condition over a long
period, Kalium sulphate will become deficient. That is why these spots are
often referred to as ageing spots. Women tend to experience more
"sports" whilst men acquire an overall bronzy yellow coloring more

Long-term spots and brown yellow face coloring require a slightly longer
continuous intake of this cell salt as well as the correction of Ferrum
phosphate and Kalium mur levels.

Facial Signs
- Slightly pinkish to dark red area close to the nose.
- Hot flushes.
Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Teething pains in babies.
- Bloatedness.
- Nervous tension.
- Hunger pains.
- Muscle cramps.

Nerve Nutrient, Antispasmodic, General Painkiller
On the first few intakes of Magnesium phosphate a release of wind is
experienced, therefore, it is advisable to take Magnesium phosphate
initially in the evening before resting time - for the gases smell like "a
sulphur plant"!

The feeling of being bloated will definitely be released by awakening, but
it could be embarrassing when Magnesium phosphate is taken initially
during daytime, for most people are confined to an office.

Magnesium phosphate taken in small amounts before meals takes the
hunger pains away and decreases the amount of food desired, in a
natural way.

The feeling of fullness and a "heavy stomach" can easily be relieved if
Magnesium phosphate is taken after a meal.

Babies experiencing teething pains can be settled within a few minutes if
the crushed powder of Magnesium phosphate is rubbed into their gums.
It is also an excellent remedy for colic babies.

Any person who smokes or drinks coffee in excess will find himself
depleted of this cell salt, so supplementation is recommended.

Sport-loving people will find they can avoid the crippling pain of muscle
cramps if this cell salt is taken before and after strenuous muscle

Facial Signs
- Puffiness under eyes.
- Sponginess of cheeks.
- Silvery stripe underneath eyelashes.
- Strong naso-labial fold.

Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Itchy skin, itchy eyes.
- Watery eyes or nose.
- Swelling in any area of the body.
- Arthritis, gout.
- Proneness to mosquito bites.
- Lack of energy.
- Excessive thirst.
- Craving for salty food.

Water Distributor
Natrium muriaticum (mur), is Sodium chloride or conventional cooking
salt in micro molecular structure. Be warned - if normal cooking salt is
taken instead, it would give the reverse effect to what the intake of
Natrium mur induces.

Natrium mur is used for any abnormal shift of water within the body. The
body can indicate such a shift with puffiness and swelling, but at the
same time one can experience dry itchy skin. This is due to the body's
ability to draw off water from any area within the body, should it be
required in a specific place.

On the intake of coarse cooking salt, water will be drawn to towards the
salt, producing a thirst sensation due to the high salt concentration within
the alimentary canal.

This can easily be seen in the "coke and chips" syndrome. But what
happens the next morning? Too often puffy eyes or swollen knuckles are
then experienced, due to the high salt and fluid intake.

What has happened?
The coarse or macro-molecular salt is taken into the alimentary canal as
the impulse given by the cells was misinterpreted. What the body has
really requested is Natrium muriaticum.

Large salt molecules cannot be brought into the cell through the tiny
openings, for the entry into the cell would shift the entire concentration
within, thereby bursting the cell. These large molecules thus remain
outside the cell, but of course they in turn attract water. This results in
an accumulation of water and salt molecules between the cells.

The impulses given to the brain by the cell itself will not stop. Further
thirst and a craving for salt are both experienced in an ever spiraling

The body can and will express a water shift in various ways. From thirst,
to craving for salt, to itchy eyes and skin, dryness and swelling of joints
or legs, to tiredness and sluggishness, or a depressed feeling.

If a joint or extremity is affected, the consequent swelling is visible.
However, when an accumulation of water is experienced in the head (the
brain floats in cerebrospinal fluid) it remains unseen. The brain is
enclosed in the bony skull, which cannot expand, so an incorrect water
balance will cause a pressing on the brainstem and the vital centers
within, causing a depressed feeling.

Natrium mur corrects the lack of energy and the feeling of sluggishness
and depression resulting from such a condition.

It is advisable to use Natrium mur when working in an air-conditioned
room. This will alleviate the dry feeling experienced in passages, which
result from limited humidity.
It makes itself particularly noticeable on international flights, when
burning eyes, thirst and swollen legs are experienced.

The change in altitude combined with prolonged exposure to air-conditioning
leads directly to these symptoms. They can easily be
corrected allowing you to arrive fresh and without swollen legs at your
destination, if Natrium mur is taken prior to the flight with further small
intakes during the time of the journey. It is suggested that at least 4 - 6
tabs of Natrium mur are taken hourly during the time of the journey.
Should you still experience dryness in the linings of the nose and mouth,
more can be administered.

The itchiness experienced on the skin as a result of mosquito bites,
especially during the night, can be very annoying. Small amounts of
Natrium mur (6 tabs) will bring fast relief. Unless a specific problem is
experienced. Natrium mur should be taken in the evening, for it will
increase the energy and result in freshness.
Facial Signs
- Greasy skin, especially T-bar in the face.
- Large pores, pimples, blackheads.
- Drooping cheeks (combination between Natrium mur and Natrium phos).
- Extremely tight pores, no pores visible at all.
Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Smelly feet, smelly sweat.
- Heartburn.
- Craving for sweets and chocolates.
- "Cradlecap" and nappy rash in babies.
- Burning sensation on skin.
- Constipation.
- Yellow discharge coming from any area of the body.

Acid Neutralizer
Natrium phosphate is needed to neutralize excess acid in the body. If
there is a deficiency of Natrium phosphate the body cannot break down
fatty acids, with the result that the skin itself helps with the elimination
through the pores. This results in large clogged pores and blackheads as
well as sebaceous cysts.

Heartburn is relieved with the intake of six tablets. All other signs in the
face and in the body are corrected with a daily intake over a longer
period of time ranging from a few days to weeks. The breaking-down
mechanism within our bodies is largely over strained due to our intake of
highly refined food, which also causes high cholesterol.

Smoking and excess coffee intake will deplete Natrium phosphate even
more, a factor which must be carefully considered.

On the initial intakes of Natrium phosphate vast amounts of feces are
expelled, which is normal and will regulate itself within a few days.
The greatest importance of Natrium phosphate is that it corrects and
protects the vascular system from an accumulation of deposits, helping in
the prevention of vascular disease and heart-attacks.

The signs of drooping cheeks is a sign of combined deficiency of Natrium
mur and Natrium phosphate. These two taken simultaneously over a
period of three months and longer will result in the equivalent of a minor
"face lift". The mandibular bone will become properly visible and marked
in its outline.

A healthy way of eating and the reduction of toxins such as cigarettes,
alcohol and caffeine will, of course, result in faster correction.

When Natrium phosphate is given to children their craving for sweets is
reduced and will diminish completely. This makes life easier for mothers,
as it is difficult to keep children away from an excessive amount of
sweets, particularly when they have a Natrium phosphate deficiency.

A balanced intake of tissue salts is required for weight reduction and
Natrium phosphate is definitely one of the most necessary cell salts in
this particular problem. A hopeful slimmer should not expect to regain a
slim figure within two weeks. The body has to correct the function of
absorption, release excess water and begin to eliminate toxins - all of
which takes some time. In some cases observed, as much as ten
kilograms were lost within two weeks. However, this is not always the
case. Normally a year of tissue salt intake is required to obtain
permanent weight loss, which results from physiological correction of the
Facial Signs
- Red outer edge of the ear.
- Bluish reddish nose.
- Green-yellow face color (this is seldom observed as normally other
tissue salt deficiencies overlap this color, but once seen it will never
be forgotten).
Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Furry thick tongue
- Hang-over after "over indulgence".
- Asthma.
- Liver problems.

Excess Water Eliminator, Liver Cleanser
Natrium sulphate is always required when there is an excess water
accumulation within the body.

The first sign of this cell salt deficiency is when the outer edge of the ear
turns red. Normally this sign appears and disappears according to the
strain on the liver.

The over straining of the liver can be caused by many factors: alcohol is a
common problem, as is the excessive intake of fatty food. Prolonged
ingestion of medication, which is detoxified by the liver, adversely affects
the liver as does infections such as hepatitis and even over dosage of
toxic substances such as gases.
When a bluish reddish nose appears, then the likelihood of having a
severe problem is great and should not be underestimated. Research has
shown that if you experience liver problems such as hepatitis, alcohol
abuse and problems with the gallbladder at any stage of your life, the
body will continue to show a sensitivity in later years, even when the
original problem has been corrected.

Unfortunately the physical symptom of a red nose is often thought to
have been caused by alcohol abuse. This is not accurate, as it can result
from an uncorrected liver problem, resulting from any one of numerous
causes. Whatever the origin, it will always be a definite sign that Natrium
sulphate is required.

Natrium sulphate is very effective in relieving asthma and asthma
attacks. An accumulation of water within the lungs reduces the oxygen
exchange. Mostly asthma is triggered off by a substance, which increases
the pulmonary fluid. This is easily released with Natrium sulphate. At the
same time it is necessary to counteract the spasm in the airways with
Magnesium phosphate and to oxygenate the body as fast as possible.

Emergency treatment for an asthma attack is to suck 6 tablets of each
tissue salt at short intervals. As soon as the first intake of tablets has
dissolved, administer the next group as follows:
- Magnesium phosphate - to release cramp.
- Ferrum phosphate - to oxygenate.
- Natrium sulphate - to release excess water from lungs.

Any person suffering from asthma should be on a maintenance program
to prevent attacks from occurring, but at the same time the person
should always have this combination handy to cope with unexpected

Facial Signs
- Wrinkles.
- Glossy shiny nose tip.
- Dull fluffy hair.
- Skin problems.
- Baldness.
- Deep sunken eyes (this symptom indicates that Silica has been deficient for decades).
Signs of Deficiency in the Body
- Stress.
- Irritation, whining (in children).
- Aggressiveness.
- Disinclination to get out of bed.
- Noise and light sensitivity.
- Twitching of eyes, or involuntary pulling of facial muscles.
- Headaches, located clamp-like around the head.
- Septic conditions (to facilitate suppuration).
- The need for a hematoma re-absorption, particularly after a stroke.
Function and Remarks
Skin Conditioner, Anti-Stress Cell Salt
Silica is one of the most important tissue salts within our bodies, and
definitely one of the most necessary ones, for there is hardly any person
who is not suffering from stress.

Silica has a special function in the sense that it acts like a filter within our
bodies, but it is also one cell salt, which can be converted easily into
another cell salt within.

This accounts for the shortage, which we all experience, manifesting itself
as one of the first ageing signs, wrinkles. Apart from this symptom,
aggression, irritation, sensitivity to noise and light, dull fluffy hair and
baldness are often experienced.

Silica like other cell salts, has a relatively short life span due to the
bombardment of other influencing electromagnetic fields.
The easiest way a shortage can be noticed is in peak traffic after a full
working day. The noise level from cars, the glaring sun after a day in
artificial light and even inconsiderate drivers can trigger off a person with
a shortage of Silica.

Any person who feels "on edge" or in a screaming mood in this or a
similar situation, requires Silica urgently.

One of the most attractive qualities is its effect on wrinkles. They become
less and less visible as support is supplied from within the body.

Eventually the external beauty program becomes even more effective and
the sensitivity to sun-exposure decreases. Men who wish to bring their
hair back to original fullness need to take high dosages of Silica on a daily

Young hair growth appears and with a longer intake the entire growth is

The hair becomes shiny and manageable even after harsh treatments
such as perms or coloring.

With Silica available there is no longer an excuse for having an
unpleasant disposition or suffering from aggression and high stress
levels. The correct balance of Silica in the body ensures a much more
serene outlook on life.

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